Friday, April 9, 2010

Big open baffle speakers

Blast from the past or Magnavox revenge...

I had quite a few Magnavox speakers laying around. So I decided to put them all on open baffle. They turned out wonderfully. Amazing clarity. Everybody who visits wants to hear them and everybody is amazed. Such dynamic and crystal clear open sound. Speakers are made of two 15" woofers per side, crossed with 5.5 mH inductor, one 12" midbass crossed with 150 uF bipolar capacitor, one 10" midrange crossed with 40 uF capacitor and a horn tweeter crossed with 2.5 uF capacitor. So the speakers are actually not completely open baffle, since the tweeters are not radiating back. But who cares! I have not measured the efficiency of the speakers, but trust me, must be close to 100 dB/w/m. Speakers are powered with fully restored and upgraded Magnavox, what else, push-pull amplifier 20 watts per side. That is enough to make ears bleed.
I can finally enjoy Carl Orrf's Carmina Burana or Verdi's Requiem in concert like scale I once experienced live.

...and here are some pics from above mentioned fully restored Magnavox amplifier...

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