Friday, May 14, 2010

Small open baffle speakers

I made these speakers from spare drivers...mostly. I had 12" Blaupunkt subwoofers, than I had four 4" Tesla midranges. When I have seen Dayton 2" dome midrange on sale, I could not resist to finish it with Dayton drivers. So the dome mid and tweeter are Dayton.
These speakers sound wonderful. Woofers are in closed big box, bass is deep and well defined. Mids are clear and open, yes, open, you expected that. Tesla midranges are from old socialist era some hifi leftovers. Dayton gives its presentation extra shine in upper mids, tweeter is sparkly sweet. I like these speakers a lot. Maybe because they are driven by old Tandberg receiver, which I believe sounds way better than any modern receivers.I compared Tandberg to many other receivers,I like this best. Speakers are actually wasted in this setup, they could easily satisfy as main speakers. Dynamic, precise, clean with low distortion. Highly recommended.

Btw I do not like any of that dolby pro-logic 5-channel crap. It degrades sound so significantly that its painful. Any proper sounding two channel stereo gives me more sound enjoyment for good movie than five crappy little speakers shouting around like a mad dog. Sound coming from behind the head is just annoying when the screen is upfront. Two well done audio channels project better stereo anyway. Just my observation.