Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aikido Octal and Transcendent OTL

Match made in heaven?

I have just finished Aikido preamp with 6SN7 tubes. I am testing it with Transcendent OTL amp. Sounds promising. The SE OTL amp itself does not have enough gain to be used without pre-amp, hence I was waiting for something to pair it with. So far the clarity of tone is amazing. Heights are limitless, but the bass is lacking a little. Its no surprise, since OTL is only 2 watts. These will be used later in biamped system with some solid state for woofers. It would be heresy to use SE OTL to drive woofers. Anyway, I am pretty happy with the pair so far. Its a work in progress.

The pair together, Aikido without cover.

Pretty straightforward build and easy to put together.

These are the speakers I was testing it with, a B&C 12" coaxials on the top, open baffle, and two 15" woofers per side in closed boxes. The way I like speakers these days. Source of the signal is small Yamaha tuner, not visible, but quite good sounding, I just align it.