Thursday, December 29, 2011

CBT array update

I added tweeters to the CBT line arrays. Even those NS3 Aura's are "fullrange", their response drops after 10kHz. They need significant eq in order to sound good. Tweeters are needed. Eighteen tweeters were wired in three sections of six to give 16 ohms, to match the Aura's. Arrays sound much better now, almost no need for eq. Last picture might be confusing a little, just to clarify, there are two systems. Line arrays are powered by two older silver JVC SuperA AX1 and AX2 amps, it's bi amplified with active crossover at 170Hz and 2x15" black subwoofer in the back. Other system is something else, Betsy WOW MTM with Selenium horn tweeters, excellent sounding open baffle, with two 15" woofers handling the bass. Second system is powered by JVC receiver, SuperA as well. By the way, these JVC components are under appreciated gems, they sound gorgeous. JVC did great job with their SuperA circuit. Their CD players are excellent also, once their output stage (3 dual OPA's) is bypassed by simple tube buffer. I lampized some and they are excellent sounding CD players. But that is another story.