Wednesday, December 28, 2011

CBT Line array

Don Keele's constant beamwidth transducer...or something like that.
I got plenty of small tweeters, Onkyo tweeters sale, box of 200 tweeters for $20. I got 100 small 3" fullrange drivers Aura NS3 for $1.50 what is one to do? Line array! Well, I built line arrays before and they can do amazing things, but this time I was about to built something totally different. Here are some pictures from the built, its still work in progress.
It was a bit of a challenge, since the only tools I have are drill and jigsaw. Plus I used smaller pieces of plywood, so I had to glue larger pieces together. Inspite of the challenge, I enjoyed the build. Currently the arrays have only 3" fullrange drivers. Tweeters come later. I could not wait. All the fullrange are wired equally, no shading. I have my reasons for it. 16 small 3" fullrange units, each 16 ohm is wired in 4 sections of four giving nice 16 ohm output impedance. Easy to drive with any amp.