Friday, December 30, 2011

System Two Update

Yet another system two update. This time its another speaker again. Well, I do not know what made me to built these speakers, perhaps I wanted to imitate the look of Legacy Whisper, just kidding. It only remotely resembles Whisper. Anyway, it started long time ago when I got 2" Dayton domes brand new never used very cheaply on ebay, so I started looking for an application. I have seen HiVi ribbons on sale, so it was only a matter of finishing the lower mids section. I selected Dayton 4" midwoofers RS125. Crossovers were optimized using Holm Impulse program based on real measurements. Panels are open baffle, what else, working from 150Hz up. Woofers is still the same, 15" Jamo in closed box.
The system is biamplified using active crossover, has 31 band digital eq and tube amp for mids/heights and solid state for woofers. Signal sources are the same as before, Cambridge Audio CP player (dual Wolfson), SAE FM tuner, Technics SP25 with ATOC9 cart, some Onkyo Integra deck and preamp (used only for signal switching and RIAA), and digital tape player. System could use better amp, I am working on it.