Saturday, May 21, 2016

3 domes monitor

I am very fond of dome speakers, as they often show clean waterfall. The sign of much less resonances as cone speakers. They do sound good too. Dome tweeters has been around for decades, dome midrange drivers were used less often, but they are nothing new. In spite of Lynn Olson badmouthing dome mids, large amount of speaker makers produced great sounding speakers using dome midrange drivers. Here is my effort at making small 3-way three domes based mini monitor. As I have limited woodworking possibilities since I moved to apartment, I used Ikea bookshelf to ease the building. The result is great sounding, ok looking bookshelf speaker. I used 3/4" dayton dome tweeter, 2" dayton aluminium dome, to which I removed the front plate to make it closed mounted to tweeter, and 5" peerless woofer. Here are few pics.

Granted, it does not go very deep, it has only 5" woofer, but as bookshelf speaker, this is enough. Once used as satelite speaker with subwoofer, this is seriously good sounding speaker, as you can see how flat it measures.

Long time ago I built this little bookshelf speaker based on Philips tweeter and midrange, both domes. Woofers in this case are 6" daytons in clam isobaric configuration. This system is used with subwoofer and sounds great.